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  Market Intelligence & Competitive Analysis.
Knowledge is Power and the exceptional volume and quality of information (knowledge) that Xcavate continually acquires across all of its practice areas makes us uniquely qualified to provide our clients with the information they need to identify new business opportunities, connect with key decision makers, and grow their presence in chosen markets. Within this mission, we are frequently engaged to provide market intelligence and competitive analysis for clients to assist them with prioritizing their market focus for lead generation and other business development efforts.

The Xcavate team is uniquely positioned to undertake macro-level studies of particular geographic markets and industry sectors, due to the strength and substance of our proprietary database, which captures every data point that we gather for all of our clients in our powerful, as well as our innovative, research matrix. This proprietary database provides a real time, highly detailed source of information about company growth trends, specific needs and challenges, and targeted markets – to name just a few of the topics captured through our ongoing research efforts.

Beyond the rich research resource of our own database, the Xcavate research team is adept at using diverse external data sources for information about competitors, industry trends, FDI flows and announcements, and other corporate growth topics of frequent interest to our clients. Furthermore, our integration of virtual and person-to-person research techniques provides a degree of timeliness and accuracy in our data that our clients find particularly valuable.

To meet your groups' particular interests and requirements, the Xcavate team will employ our core assets in market research to develop a customized proposal for the market intelligence and/or competitive analysis which will best suit your information needs. Whether you are looking for insight into possible M&A targets, new outlets for current products or innovative suppliers of ingredients or services, the Xcavate team has the skills and tools to unearth the valuable information you desire. Put the power of our knowledge to work for you!