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Contingency Recruiting for Hiring Managers.
Xcavate specializes in targeting and recruiting exceptional talent in the complicated science and technology based industries. It is our depth of knowledge, superior information research processes and extensive network of contacts that has made us a partner of choice for hiring teams in organizations of all sizes, across the globe.

No matter what size your organization is, or how specialized your search, the Xcavate team brings you the power of our innovative research matrix, a creative marketing team and excellent recruiters to find the very best talent available to fill your needs. Many of the placements we complete are within the chemicals, coatings, plastics, consumer products, and related high tech – allied industries. With an extensive record of success recruiting in these high technology industries we have now crossed over into serving clients within nanotechnology, biotechnology, solar and alternative energy markets.

We regularly fill positions across all major functions including; General Management, Sales, Marketing, Research & Development, Quality Control, Engineering, Environmental, Regulatory Purchasing, Logistics and Manufacturing.

Our extensive focus on the science-based industries allows us to truly excel in completing difficult often "needle in a haystack" searches.
We understand your business because we are plugged into networks and reading publications serving your industry, so we understand what you're looking for and where to find it.   We are constantly building and growing our databases and expanding our own personal understanding of new technologies and cutting edge advances within the world of science and technology.   We are well networked into the community you work in. We also attend industry conferences and trade shows, so we're better equipped to rapidly reach the talent you want to attract.